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Why do black women wear wigs?

May 8, 2024 SEE WIG

The people's curiosity about black women and wigs has created discussions. Some are sacred and positive conversations, while others are painful. However, wigs for black women generally have their own hair story and involve their relationship with their hair. Furthermore, wearing wigs does not mean black women don't love themselves. Instead, it makes them more creative and versatile. Now, let's learn more about the factors leading to black women wearing wigs and the types and colors of wigs they like the most.

Why do black women wear wigs

History of wigs

Based on records, the first documented use of wigs and hair extensions was in Ancient Egypt in 3400 BC. They were worn mainly by elite Egyptians, serving a dual purpose. Wigs and hair extensions meant a high rank in the social hierarchy of Egypt. Also, they help protect their shaven scalps from the sun.

Cleopatra's hair was likely enhanced with wigs and extensions to create the iconic braided and thick mane. Archaeologists have also uncovered remains that showed a sheep's wool braided into the hair to add thickness. There were also records that Egyptians invented wigs, usually worn for ceremonial purposes. These were created using vegetable fibers, human hair, and sheep's wool.


Why do black women wear wigs?

Wearing wigs for black women is not only about fashion, but it's rooted in different contexts and reasons. Check out the various factors below to understand this popular discussion.

  • Historical significance. Hair adornments and traditional wigs have been part of the cultures of several black people, including Africans. Beyond Egypt, wigs and beaded headdresses were widespread in several ancient African cultures and civilizations. Examples are the decorative wigs used by Angola's Mbundu people and the delicate braiding practices of Senegal and Nigeria.
  • Personal choice. Showcasing their individuality and personal style are a few of the reasons some black women wear wigs. Essentially, wigs are fashionable, which allows them to express themselves and make a statement.
  • Protecting their natural hair. Black women wear a wig to protect their natural hair from damage, especially if the hair texture is prone to breakage and dryness. Also, because of the delicate hair texture combined with various harsh styling practices, they need to protect their hair and let the natural hair grow.
  • Wigs look and feel better than natural hair. In most cases, black women's hair can be stubborn and relatively challenging to maintain. Some have extremely thin hair and would enjoy having full hair. Thus, this is the essence of wigs.


What types of wigs do black women like most?

People who wear wigs would know they come in different types and materials. Each has its advantages and specific purposes. See the list below for more specific details about the wigs that most black women love using.

  • Human hair wigs. This type of wig is timeless and classic. Each is made from human hair for that natural look. They're also easy to style, fashionable, and comfortable.
  • Synthetic hair wigs. These wigs are less expensive than those made from human hair. Technology has made this wig even better now, and they can guarantee an attractive and very realistic look.
  • Hair toppers. They're also called wiglets, created to cover a part of the head. It's slightly more than hairpieces but not as much as the usual wig. Hair toppers are of two main types: pull-through partial wigs and honeycombs.
  • Hair pieces. Some call these hair extensions, which usually do not cover your entire head but enhance the look of your natural hair. Hair pieces designed to blend with the existing hair and are generally used to shape your hairstyle or cover baldness.


What colors of wigs do black women like most?

Black women can perfectly rock different wig colors. Here are some of the most popular ones.

  • Burgundy. This color brings boldness and character and goes well with dark skin tones.
  • Brown with blonde highlights. Blonde highlight wigs will look good on brown hair. They can match any skin tone, including warmer ones.
  • Blonde. This wig color complements people with medium to dark skin with dark eyes. Wearing this color makes you look chic.
  • Black. Those who wish to create a natural hair look can trust black wigs to do their magic. Go for the shade closer to your hair color to achieve that natural hair.


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