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What are the most popular hairstyles for black girls?

May 23, 2024 SEE WIG

Black girls can be queenly if they know how to present themselves to the world. They have got everything it takes to make a difference in the fashion world too. The glowing skin they possess undoubtedly sets them apart, compelling many to agree that “black don’t crack”. One other way a black girl can make an impact in the world around her is via her hairstyle.

Sporting a light hairstyle can make you more attractive than you can ever imagine. Hairstyles matter in how you look. It can make you look your best if chosen right and can also reduce your potential if you make the wrong choice of hairstyle. There are so many hairstyles a black girl can choose from for that beautiful look. What are the most popular hairstyles for black girls? We will provide helpful answers to the question in the remaining part of this informative write-up.

hairstyles for black girls

The development of girls’ hairstyles

The history of girls’ hairstyles is as old as humanity itself. Girls from different cultures have been using different kinds of hairstyles long before civilization took over the entire universe. There are records of girls sporting different kinds of hairstyles even in ancient civilizations, like Greece, Mesopotamia, and Egypt. In those ancient times, however, not just anybody could wear any type of hairstyle; the hairstyles girls and women wear must be in line with their social status and role in society. Note also that not only women wear hairstyles in those days. For example, Egyptian pharaohs are known to wear iconic braided wigs, the same as their noblewomen. This type of hairstyle indicates class, sophistication, and power. So, ordinary people were not allowed to wear them.

The church played a huge role in hairstyle shaping in the Middle Ages since women were mandated to cover their hair. Many women went for long-flowing hair in those days since it indicated virtue and femininity. Many of the ancient Roman and Greek hairstyles also came to the fore during the Renaissance period. What are the most popular hairstyles for black girls? They are inspired by all the ancient hairstyles mentioned earlier. Most black girls prefer hairstyles that showcase their societal values, culture, and identity. Many of the preferred hairstyles by black girls also originate from Africa.


Popular hairstyles for black girls

What are the most popular hairstyles for black girls? Check below for highlights:

  • Cornrows: They are the best choice for those who want to style their natural hair alone. This hairstyle is 100% natural and can protect the hair strands from breaking.
  • Bantu knots: The hairstyle is divided into sections, with each one done in a knot. The knot is made by first twisting the hair and wrapping it into a tire-like fold.
  • Dreads: You can opt for this type of hair when answering the question of what are the most popular hairstyles for black girls. It has become so popular these days that even white girls do it.
  • Box braid: It is also one of the most common hairstyles for black girls. The fact that the hairstyle is deeply rooted in black history makes it very popular among black girls.
  • High bun: This is one of the easiest hairstyles for black girls since it only involves gathering the hair into a bun with a few tresses left cascading around the face. This type can work best for those with long hair. It is considered a quick fix for hairstyling but can still confer you with a unique regal vibe.

Some other popular choices to consider when looking for what are most popular hairstyles for black girls are:

  • Twistouts
  • Braided locks
  • Braided updo
  • Bubble braids
  • Adorned puffs, etc


How to choose a natural hairstyle for black girls?

A lot of factors must be put in mind regarding what are the most popular hairstyles for black girls. The amount of hair you have matters a lot. If you have short hair, for example, you are better off with styles like twist outs, Bantu knots, TWA Two puffs, and flat twists updo. Those with long hair can go for hairstyles like a high bun, curly, ballerina bun, and even waterfall braid and half updo.

The shape of your face can equally determine your hairstyle. Pixie cut, asymmetric bob, curtain bangs, and lop bars are some of the popular choices for black girls with round faces. Black girls with long faces can go for hairstyles like angled side parts, bangs, curly pixie cuts, ponytails, and side braids.


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