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Lace front wigs explained: what it is and how it works

May 6, 2024 SEE WIG

When exploring types of wigs, you already know they come in different styles and materials. One of which is the lace front wig. Wig enthusiasts wear this type of wig as it provides an illusion of hair growing from your natural hairline. As you know, wigs can offer that natural hair look. As a result, it’s difficult for people to tell that you’re wearing a wig.

Lace front wigs

What are lace front wigs?

A lace front wig is excellent at removing the unnatural boundary between the wig and your skin, which makes it perfect for people exploring new hairstyles. These wigs are also more comfortable and lightweight than other wig cap types. People can wear these lace front wigs anytime, but they’re ideal during the hot weather or when wearing wigs for extended hours. Since the lace is sheer, it helps your scalp breathe more easily.


How do lace front wigs work?

As the name suggests, the wig is added with sheer lace to imitate the natural and soft hairline instead of the sudden and abrupt hairline look. A lace front wig is ideal for people who feel anxious about wearing wigs for the first time. These wigs provide a solution that melts into your natural hairline. The design has been revolutionary over recent years and continues to be popular among celebrities like Tyra Banks and Beyonce.


Popular types of lace front wigs

The best lace front wig varies from person to person. Essentially, the wig comes in several types. You can check out some of the popular ones below and see which suits you best.

  • Swiss lace. This is referred to as a classic choice. It’s one of the earliest options for a lace front wig. The wig provides a comfortable wearing experience since it’s lightweight and has a fine texture, similar to a natural hairline’s appearance.
  • French lace. This lace balances realism and durability, making it another popular option among wig enthusiasts. It comes with a slightly thicker texture than Swiss lace. French lace is also less prone to damage while maintaining the natural hairline appearance. Those new to lace front wigs would love this lace as it allows for much easier handling during removal and application.
  • HD lace. The high-definition lace is referred to as a breakthrough in the lace technology. It provides the most undetectable and natural look among lace types. Each wig with an HD lace is extremely thin. As a result, there’s an almost invisible barrier between your wig and the scalp.
  • Transparent lace.This is designed to cater to a diverse range of skin tones, which includes lighter and fair complexions. The overall appearance of this lace is a light beige tint, which lessens the need for too much makeup application or customization to match the lace to your skin tone.


Popular colors of lace front wigs

Like any other accessory, your wig color must complement your skin. The following wig colors are the most popular, as they usually go well with almost any complexion.

  • Burgundy. The wig industry also uses the term "Burgundy 99J" to refer to a vibrant shade of wig that many women choose to wear daily. Due to its dark color, it's frequently selected over other shades like dark brown, natural black, and light brown. This red is relatively darker than the usual red. It's more like a deep wine red.
  • Brown. In most people's eyes, brown lace front wigs are ideal for daily hair accessories. You can go for light or dark brown. The latter is the closest to the usual natural hair color. The dark brown wigs can transform the hair into a much brighter and more textured appearance.
  • Pink. For the girly hearts, pink can bring vibrance to your overall fit. Whether the goal is to achieve the Barbie or princess-like image, the shiny pink lace front wig will do wonders.
  • Ginger. This color may not be preferred for most wig wearers, but it will always be there for a reason. The vivid orange color gives off a sweet and sour vibe. You can wear this wig color to stand out at themed parties or other fun gatherings.


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