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All differences between hair toppers and hair pieces

May 14, 2024 SEE WIG

If you want to add length or fullness to your hair, you have two primary options: hair pieces and hair toppers. However, if this is your first time checking into the process, it can be very confusing and often daunting as to which between the two to choose.

What are hair toppers?

hair toppers

A hair topper is also known as a top piece, an accessory covering the top of the person's head. You can have different variations depending on how much coverage is needed. The primary purpose of hair toppers is to complement the existing hair and to have fun exploring other styles. After all, this hair accessory is used to enhance the existing hair rather than replace it.

Hair toppers make you look and feel incredible by boosting your confidence. Some people feel insecure and anxious about hair loss, but a hair topper helps you feel more like yourself once again.


What are hair pieces?

hair pieces

Hairpieces are another type of accessories designed to cover some areas of the head instead of providing full coverage. They're generally used to add extra volume to the thinning hair and to cover some trouble spots. Technically, hairpieces are smaller than wigs and come in different styles depending on which part of the head is targeted. Examples of hair pieces include clip-in fringes, ponytails, extensions, and scrunchies.

Attaching these hair pieces also varies because of the diversity of styles. Some common attachment methods include crocodile clip, butterfly, three-quarter styles, and drawstring.


Hair toppers vs hair pieces

Most people usually confuse hair toppers with hair pieces. However, they differ in some unique aspects. One primary difference is the attachment method. As you know, hair pieces are utilized in different ways to attach accessories to the hair. On the other hand, a hair topper generally targets the scalp, which involves using pressure clips as an attachment method.

The following points summarize the pros and cons of hair toppers and hair pieces.

Hair pieces pros:

  • They provide instant volume and length to the hair.
  • They can conceal the thinning areas of the hair.
  • A hair piece enhances a person's style by adding color and texture to your hair.
  • They're low maintenance.

Hair pieces cons:

  • Some hair pieces can be expensive, especially those with advanced technology features.
  • They might need regular maintenance to keep their optimal condition.
  • It takes skill and time to put the hair pieces.

Hair topper pros:

  • They can conceal thin hair or hair loss on top of your head.
  • Hair toppers are relatively lighter to wear than wigs.
  • They come in huge varieties and a diverse range of unique colors.
  • They blend well with the hair, making your overall look more natural.

Hair topper cons:

  • Some hair toppers come with clips that must be attached to your healthy hair. This can inconvenience wearers as the clips can pull some of your natural hair.
  • You may need experience to wear hair toppers.
  • They might feel hot on the head during the summer, especially the silky toppers.

When assessing hair toppers vs hair pieces, consider the quality, your preferences, functionality, and materials used. Most importantly, ensure they can specifically cater to your needs. Otherwise, it will be a waste of your money.


Guide to buying the best hair toppers and hair pieces

As mentioned, some hair toppers and hair pieces can be expensive, so to get your money's worth, you should consider the following aspects before buying.

  • Determine the hair loss type. With this, you can assess whether to get a full wig, extension, turban, hat or clip-in fringes.
  • Choose whether it is human hair or fiber. Human hair reacts relatively to weather and might need a little upkeep with styling and washing. Meanwhile, go for the fiber material if you need something already pre-styled.
  • Consider the hair length. Your choices include sassy and short hair, mid-length, and long hair pieces.
  • Select the base. The monofilament base can create an illusion that the hair naturally grows from the scalp. Meanwhile, the weft base offers better ventilation because of the open wefts.


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