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All about wolf cut you should know

Jun 29, 2024 SEE WIG

Wolf cut is a highly versatile hairstyle and can look great on both men and women. Do you have short, long or curly hair and you are looking for the right hairstyle for your hair? This hairstyle will prove to be the right one just for you. With this hairstyle, you can create a modern mix of shag haircut and mullets. Not many people do this hairstyle today and going for it will make you stand out from the crowd.

wolf cut


What is wolf cut?

This is a special kind of hairstyle comprising the mixture of two hairstyle trends, which are the mullet and shag haircut, both of which are very popular. Mullet and shag haircuts are presented as mixtures of bangs and layers, ensuring the two can work together. The shag haircut can be long, short or midline, while the mullet is a short haircut. Putting the two together will give an exciting and unique hairstyle called the wolf cut. The hairstyle has gained popularity over the years and it can remain relevant far into the future. Since it confers a classy look on those sporting it, even celebrities are going for it.

One other unique future that makes this hairstyle desirable to many is the ease of personalization. You can personalize the hairstyle to suit any hair texture or type. It can also be personalized to fit virtually any face shape. Note, however, that the beauty of this hairstyle can only show on you if it is handled by truly professional hair stylists.


Why is wolf cut so famous among women?

As mentioned earlier, the hairstyle will make you look classy and outstanding. This is among the factors making it attractive to fashion-conscious women. The hairstyle is seen by many as the most 'cool-girl' style around and this compels many more people to give it a try. To make the hairstyle look even more exciting, some women tie the hair at the top of their heads in a high pony. The hairstyle is highly versatile and can be styled in many other ways, whatever styling method you choose, it will turn out beautifully. In addition, the hairstyle can fit any face shape, hair color or texture.


Common types of wolf cuts

Check below for some of the common types:

  • Classic wolf cut: The classic typefeatures choppy layers throughout the hair with more volume at the top and a tapered effect towards the ends. It can have curtain bangs or fringe that blend seamlessly with the layers. In addition, it is best for medium to long hair lengths, and works on all hair textures.
  • Short type: This variation adapts the hairstyleto shorter hair, providing a tousled, edgy look. The layers are shorter and more pronounced, giving a fuller appearance even with less hair length. It is best for short hair lengths, all hair textures, and is also particularly good for those wanting a low-maintenance style.
  • Long wolf cut: The long typeretains the characteristic layers and texture but on longer hair. This version often includes longer curtain bangs or face-framing pieces. It is best for long hair lengths, and also suitable for both straight and wavy hair types.
  • Curly type: This type istailored for curly hair and can enhance your natural curl pattern while adding definition and shape. The layers are cut to work with the curls, providing volume without excessive frizz. It is best for naturally curly or wavy hair and medium to long lengths.
  • Textured wolf cut: This version emphasizes heavy texturizing, with razored or point-cut ends to enhance movement and separation between layers. It often looks more disheveled and lived-in. It is best for medium to long hair lengths. It also works for all hair textures, particularly fine hair needing more volume.
  • Layered wolf cut: This cut features distinct, pronounced layers that create a lot of volume and body. The layers are usually more structured compared to other types. It is best for all hair lengths, and also especially effective for thick hair to manage bulk and add movement.
  • Wolf cut with bangs: This style incorporates various types of bangs, like blunt, side-swept, and curtain, into this hairstyle. The bangs blend into the layers, creating a cohesive look. It works for all hair lengths and textures. It is equally ideal for those wanting to highlight their facial features.
  • Mullet-inspired wolf cut: It has a more pronounced mullet influence, with shorter layers at the top and significantly longer layers at the back. This cut has a stark contrast between the lengths and it is best for medium to long hair lengths. It can also work for bold individuals looking for an edgy style.


Who should not get a wolf cut?

The hairstyle is one of the best hairstyles around today but it does not work for everyone. If you have thin hair, for example, it may not be the best choice of hairstyle for you. The layers of the hairstyle can make your already thin hair look even thinner, especially the longer ones at the back. The haircut is demanding and you will most likely spend a lot of money maintaining it. It is, therefore, not a good choice for you if you cannot spare the money and time required to maintain the hairstyle.


What about styling a wolf cut with a wig?

A wolf cut can actually be styled on a wig and the process is not difficult. You can even do this at home if you so desire. You can use any wig of your choice to get this done. However, you should only stick to quality wigs so that the hairstyle can last for a long time. You are better off using a layered wig, however, to enable you to get the best out of the effort. You should equally consider using medium to long wigs for the best result.


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