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How to put on a wig for beginners?

May 7, 2024 SEE WIG

You've got yourself a wig, but uncertain how to properly put it on. As you know, the wig must look completely natural when wearing it. Putting on the wig comes in a straightforward process so you need not worry. However, it’s still essential to consider some vital factors on how to put on a wig to ensure it fits perfectly on your head. 

How to put on a wig

Pros and cons of wearing a wig

Wigs are a necessity for some while others just love to style their hair without actually dyeing or treating them with chemicals. Regardless of one’s preferences, it’s essential to learn the benefits and drawbacks these wigs have for you to understand their purpose and to set realistic expectations. 


  • There’s a diverse option for everyone. There are synthetic wigs available that can suit your style preference. If you want to achieve that natural look, there's a human hair wig that you can choose. There's even a plethora of materials and colors available. 
  • The wig can transform your overall look. In most cases, a wig can make the hair voluminous. There are wigs that can provide a dramatic look depending on the color and style. Colored wigs can also bring more character to your overall look. 
  • Some wig varieties are affordable. If you only need to wear a wig on specific parts of the head, you need not spend extra cash on full wigs. You can just have lace frontal wigs which can cover the hairline on your forehead. 


  • Some wigs can be uncomfortable to wear. This usually applies to synthetic wigs. As you know, these wigs are not as versatile as they come pre-styled so you can’t change and customize the style. Most importantly, they can’t stand the heat which can cause discomfort after being exposed to the sun for extended hours. 
  • You might need to invest in some wig maintenance. Wigs are made out of natural hair which means they also undergo similar changes to your hair like losing its shine and frizziness. With this, you must also spend some money to keep your wig in its best condition.
  • Not all wigs are of premium quality. It all boils down to the material used in making wigs. Low-priced ones may have poor quality or longevity, and they're less shiny than those high-priced ones.


What types of wigs are easy to start for beginners?

Embarking on wearing a wig can take its toll on beginners. So here are some of the wigs suitable for those new to wearing one.

  • Synthetic wigs. These wigs are generally cheaper than other types and come in various lengths, styles, and colors. Since they are made from synthetic fibers, it is easier to style and maintain them.
  • Lace front wigs. They are made using a sheer lace cap, generally used to mimic the natural hairline. You'll get this wig to achieve a more natural appearance and vibe.
  • Human hair wigs. The human hair wig offers a more realistic style you can customize. They're made from natural human hair, which you can dye, style, and curl like your natural hair.
  • Monofilament wigs. Get this type of wig for a natural-looking wig with a more realistic scalp appearance. They're made from breathable, fine, and monofilament fabric, which copies the appearance of natural hair growth.


How to put on a wig?

Before following the steps on how to put on a wig, remember to brush and secure your hair away from your face. Make it as flat as possible to avoid hair strands from coming out of your wig. After that, perform the steps below.

  1. Hold the wig at the nape with both of your hands.
  2. With your head slightly tilted, position your wig above the eyebrows and slip it onto your head, starting from front to back.
  3. Slowly shuffle the wig around the head until you place it slightly just below the natural hairline.
  4. With the ear tabs on both sides of your wig, center your wig by placing the tabs in front of your ears, but remember not to cover them.
  5. Adjust your wig until you get your preferred and desired style.
  6. Tidy your appearance by tucking in the stray hairs; you're all set.


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