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A complete guide to wigs: buy the best one for you

May 5, 2024 SEE WIG

Wigs have become more and more popular over the years. They used to be only for fashion statements, but today, wigs are also used as practical solutions to cover hair loss or to sport a new style easily. With the vast wig variety in the market, finding the perfect one for you can be challenging. Whether you’re new to wigs or have been using one for a long time, having a complete guide to wigs lets you understand different aspects to complement your lifestyle and features.

guide to wigs

This article tackles everything you need to know about wigs, including the different variants, the proper way to wear them, and tips to make them long-lasting.


Common types of wigs

When looking for wigs that suit you best, remember they come in two primary distinctions: the wig hair and the wig cap construction. See all the categories below.

  • Remy human hair wigs. You can style, curl, cut, dye, or straighten the wig. The distinct feature of this human hair wig is that you can still see the cuticle layer intact. These wigs are smoother, shinier, and healthier than other wig variants.
  • Human hair wig. This type of wig is made from real and natural hair. They use hair from different countries, including Asia, Europe, Africa, and Asia, to make wigs. People who primarily use human hair wigs include those who prefer long or shoulder-length hair and those who want to change hairstyles frequently.
  • Synthetic hair wig. It’s usually pre-styled, so you only need to wear the wig after you have bought it. You can choose whether to sport a straight or curly synthetic wig. With technology, some synthetic wigs can provide a more realistic and attractive lookand can be available in more colors and lengths. The downside of these wigs is that they don’t last long. Also, a synthetic wig is not ideal for people who use various styling tools.
  • Lace front wigs. This wig variant comes with a lace in front, while the rest of the cap is relatively thicker. Some might have clips sewn so the wig stays in place when worn. A lace front wig is very common, while the remainder of the wig generally consists of materials that are unlikely to rip as it’s made of a material that is not very fragile.
  • Full lace wigs. These are full-sized lace caps with urethane strips so the adhesives could stick. Some varieties can be styled, brushed, and parted however you want to style them. Expect these wigs to be expensive, but you can always get your money’s worth as they can last longer.
  • U-Part wigs. These wigs are U-shaped, with a delicate sheer mesh and some clips underneath. To accommodate different head shapes, his wig comes in various sizes. Wearers can choose a middle, side, or center U-part, depending on their desired styles.
  • 6'', 8'', 10'' and more Wigs also vary in terms of length. While you can choose long-haired wigs and cut them when you wish to sport a new hairstyle, it may affect the overall look of the wig. You can choose the cheaper wigs and collect different lengths to switch them up when necessary.


How to wear a wig that looks natural?

The first thing you must remember is to choose a wig that’s close to your natural hair. Also, it pays to get a wig that looks closely similar to your hair. Finally, properly place the wig on your head so it does not slip and fall or look unnatural. Wearing the wig perfectly creates the illusion that you’re not wearing one. Also, the quality of the wig will matter. Natural-looking wigs are your best options. While they’re relatively expensive, they provide the best quality and appearance you’d wish for from a wig.


How to care for wigs?

Wig maintenance depends on one person to another and the type of wig they own. Here are some tips you can apply to keep the best quality of your wig.

  • Use a wig comb, special shampoo, and conditioner. Regular hair care products have many chemicals that can damage the hair’s texture. Check the label of your shampoo and conditioner and ensure they’re sulfate and paraben-free. Wig combs also come in handy to detangle the wig fibers.
  • Keep your wig in proper storage. You can use a hook or mannequin to store your wig safely. It must be in an upright position so it won’t get tangled. Also, keep it covered to avoid dust.
  • Don’t use some random spray, and avoid heating your wig. Shine or hair spray is not advisable on wigs as they might become greasy. Also, the heat can damage your wig, especially if you have a synthetic one.
  • Avoid sleeping with your wig on. You don’t want your wig tangled and messed up when you wake up. It can sometimes be challenging to detangle it.

how to buy the best wigs

How to buy the best wigs?

You can refer to the complete guide to wigs mentioned on this page before buying a wig. Consider the purpose of buying such hair accessories and whether you need the highest quality. Your budget also matters. The best wigs could come at a considerable price. However, there are cheaper ones that guarantee excellent functionality. Overall, buying the best wigs will depend on your preference and style.


Is it better to buy a wig at a store or online?

The benefit of buying wigs at a physical store is that you can try them on and see whether they look good on you. You can guarantee that paying for the wig will be worth the money. Buying wigs from an online store lets you choose from many designs, colors, and materials used, and most importantly, get a bigger discount sometimes. While you can’t touch and feel the texture of wigs online, some sellers now allow you to try the wig virtually before buying. With this, you can assess whether the design complements your skin tone and facial features. Most importantly, online shopping promotes time efficiency as you do not need to drive to your favorite wig boutique by one.


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